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Some of Kp Oli’s Controversial claims

Rhinos are not Rhinos They are Gaida

Kp Oli Sharma

Oli is known for his speeches in tongues and cheeks as well as the use of various idioms and proverbs, often with double meanings and criticism. Kp Oli said that he learned this technique during the Panchayat period while underground to entertain his mates. Some of his controversial claims are:

Supercomputer, February 2019: Oli said the world is amazed at the huge computer built by Nepal. He was referring to the computer that was being built at Banepa IT Park, whose manufacturers claim it is a large computer without its limited computing power.

Rhino and Mount Everest, August 2019: Oli said rhinos should be named using the Nepali animal name, Gainda instead of rhino, and Mount Everest should be known by Sagarmatha to everyone. He asked people that, ” …You guyz know what Gaida is? You are learning Gaidas as Rhino. But Rhinos are not Rhinos, they are Gaida. Please remember the word gaida …..”.

Indian Corona, May 2020: During the COVID-19 epidemic in Nepal, Oli rode down to India, by saying that the ” Indian virus was more dangerous than the Chinese Virus “. Oli also lights down the Indian mark of genuineness in the Speech. Oli also made remarks in a speech to parliament in which he has blamed the growing number of covid-19 cases on violators across the country, especially those smuggling into Nepal from India, saying “people from India through illegal channels are spreading the virus in the country”

Sneeze out the virus, June 2020: Speaking at the National Assembly, Oli said, “… Corona is like the flu, if you have a problem, one should sneeze, drink hot water and get rid of the virus …” national media and social media. He also said that ginger, garlic and turmeric are known to contain vitamins and antioxidants that can help boost the immune system to fight coronavirus.

Lord Ram is from Nepali, July 2020: Speaking at the 207th birthday celebrations of the poet Banubhakta Acharya, Oli said Lord Ram was born in Nepal and his India is a fake Ayodhya. He said Thori, an area near Birgunj in southern Nepal, had become the birthplace of Ram and it would not have been possible for Ram to reach Janakpur in eastern Nepal to marry Sita in India. He later ordered that he investigate the matter and ask the district authorities to study the whereabouts of Ayodhyapuri. He also claimed to have found solid evidence of authentic Ayodhya, including the ruins of Someshwar Gadhi and Valmiki Ashram, both of which are associated with Lord Ram.

Nautanki naaaii hoo, 2021: While Prachanda was calling Oli with “natakaai hoo” in the National Assembly due to his Political action on the dissolution of the house. Oli Reply Prachanda with “Naautanki naai hoo“. This was the first controversial claim of Oli in 2021. This was getting viral on most social media like FB, TikTok, youtube, and more.

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