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All You Need To Know About Nepal

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This article contains all the data related to the country Nepal. We have collected data from different online sources and included them in a single place. Know About Nepal in this article.

CountryFederal Democratic Republic of Nepal (Sanghiya Loktantrik Ganatantra Nepal)
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Motto“Janani Janmabhumishcha Swargadapi Gariyasi” (Sanskrit) ~ “Mother and motherland are greater than heaven”
AnthemSayaun Thunga Phulka
Capital and largest city of NepalKathmandu
Official LanguagesNepali
Recognized National Language:All mother Tongue
Ethnic groups (2011)16.6% Chhetri
12.2% Bahun
7.1% Magar
6.6% Tharu
5.8% Tamang
5% Newar
4.8% Kami
4.4% Musalman
4% Yadav
2.3% Rai
2% Gurung
1.8% Damai/Dholi
1.6% Thakuri
1.5% Limbu
1.4% Sarki
22.9% Others
Religion (2011)81.3% Hinduism
9% Buddhism
4.4% Islam
3.1% Kirant
1.4% Christianity
0.5% Prakriti
0.3% Others
Demonym(s)Nepali, Nepalese
WTO(World trade org.)
ADB(Asian Development Bank)
World Bank
GovernmentFederal parliamentary republic
PresidentBidhya Devi Bhandari
Prime MinisterKhadga Prasad Sharma Oli
House KeeperAgni Prashad Sapkota
Chief JusticeCholendra Shumsher JB Rana
Upper House
Lower  House
Federal Parliament
-National Assembly
-House Of Representative
Kingdom25 September 1768
Treaty of Sughuali4 March 1816
Nepal-Britain Treaty of 192321 December 1923
Federal Republic28 May 2008
 Current constitution20 September 2015
Total Area147,516 km2 (56,956 sq mi) (93rd place in world)
Total Water (%) in World2.8
Total Population (2011 census)26,494,504 (rank 49th in world
Density180/km2 (466.2/sq mi) (rank 50th in world)
Total GDP (purchasing power parity)$94 billion (rank 87th in world)
Per capita (purchasing power parity)$3,318 (rank 155th in world)
Total GDP (Nominal)$30 billion (rank 101th in world)
Per Capita (Nominal)$1,048 (rank 159th in world)
Gini (2010)32.8
HDI (2019)0.579
CurrencyNepalese rupee (Rs, रू) (NPR)
Driving SideLeft
Calling code+977
Internet TLD.np

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You can refer Wikipedia Nepal for more details where you can find every data about Nepal.

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