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Now a separate website for IPO applications ~ Mero Share

Mero Share

With the increase in the number of investors in shares, CDS and Clearing Limited (CDSC) is going to create a separate website to fill the IPO. Preparations have been made to make it easier for users to apply for primary share issues through a separate website.

Thousands of demat accounts have been opened every day. According to the latest figures, more than 31 million people have already opened demat accounts.

In this way, the company has indicated it is preparing for a new website for the IPO’s application as the CDSC’s currently operating ‘Mero Share’ website is becoming heavily weighted. There are many accounts associated with demat. So there need to make a separate website for IPO.

The company says a separate website will be ready for the application of a new company that will now come as a subdomain of CDS. Through which the company hopes users can easily apply for IPOs.

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