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Nagarik App: Here is everything you need to know to use the digitizing tools of the Government of Nepal

The 'Nagarik App' is launched to deliver public services from home



With the aim of providing full online-based public services to the public, the government officially launched a beta version of the “Nagarik App”, three years after its preparations began. Minister for Communications and Information Technology Parbat Gurung inaugurated the trial version of the application at a press conference at the ministry. “Although now the application can be downloaded by the public, the trial period will be for a few months to make it more systematic, complete, and secure,” said Minister Gurung.
According to Minister Gurung, the application will initially provide public services in only nine government offices and will be fully implemented in the coming months. Over the next three months, applications will be ready to provide government services in more than 64 areas, including the process of obtaining driving licenses, land office, public service commission-related work, passport, and other tax-related work. Minister Gurung said that this application is part of the implementation of the Digital Framework Nepal project, which is currently being done by the Ministry.
With the launch of the “Nagarik App”, the government believes that the system will help ensure good governance, provide quick and hassle-free service to service seekers, and ultimately provide government aspirations to prosperous Nepal, happy Nepalis, “said Minister Gurung. He added that the government would issue separate guidelines for its operation and would soon set up a department or unit office. The government has set a slogan for this application: ‘No longer in line, 24 hours online service‘.
Giving a virtual congratulatory message on the occasion of the launch of the “Nagarik App”, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli expressed confidence that the app would also be a measuring rod in the areas of good governance, transparency, discouraging corruption, maintaining accountability, and distribution. It is for Immediate public service to the people. “Nagarik App is the only one which has the authority of the government for providing quick and easy service to the people and also to connect every government office and along with its services to IT(Information Technology),” says Oli. The application will help the public to stay in local or federal offices for services related to one place only, said Prime Minister Oli.

Who can use the ‘Nagarik App’?
This ‘Nagarik App’ is available to all Nepali citizens who own:

  • If a mobile number is registered under your name and,
  • Citizenship details or passport details or voter identity card details.

How to register?
When you download the app, you can follow these steps to register yourself:

  • First, choose the language that suits you best. (Nepali or English)
  • Enter your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the Verification Code sent to your phone.
  • After entering the Verification Code, select the document type (passport, voter ID, or citizenship) that you wish to proceed with.
  • Enter the details correctly.
  • Finally, choose the option to authenticate and make any necessary corrections.
  • When you are done with the registration, you will have the option to set a pin code in the application for security.

Note: Many people are currently having problems registering themselves. Your authentication may not be valid even after you have filled in the correct details. Only 1/3 (one-third) of the registration attempts seem to be successful. The most commonly reported problem is that the SIM cards used by users are not registered under their names. If you do not have your own SIM card, you should get one to use the Nagarik app. To find out if your SIM card is under your own name, follow these steps:

  • NTC users
    You can dial * 922 # on your phone. A message will indicate the name registered on the SIM card.
    Or, you can send a message “scode” to 1415 and find out the name of the person registered with the SIM.
  • NCELL users
    You can dial * 9966 # to see the name of the SIM registered in it.
    Or, you can download the Ncell app. Add your mobile number to see the registered name on the screen.
    Or, you can call 9005 and ask for the name of the person registered with the customer service SIM.

What are the services available?
Through the app, a person can access government services such as applying for PAN registration, Educational Certificate details, Citizen Investment Fund, Provident Fund, Social Security fund, Complain government, Citizenship and passport details, and Voter Card Details.

You can download “Nagarik App” from both apple and android store.