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Forest Minister Ale, who became a troll after spoiling the speech, blamed the technology

Forest Minister Ale

Forest Minister Ale has accused himself of abusing technology and defaming himself. Speaking at a planning event in Nepal, the Federation of Forestry Industries, he accused the Community Forest Consumers Federation of breaking a speech he spoke a few days ago.

‘The current government and those who have an ignorance of me have posted my speech on social networks by editing and breaking, ‘he said, urging him not to preach this kind of propaganda and not to believe it. ’

He urged the country to go on to develop rather than waste time abusing technology in this way. He said that they had edited what he did not say and urged not to spread propaganda.

For several days, a video clip of Forest Minister Ale speaking on a program has now gone viral on social media. In which he appears to have spoken, ‘ What happens if the same tree does not exist from which we get carbon dioxide & the tree that we give oxygen ?’

In another clip with a similar troll, ‘This is the government of the people and if anyone thinks it is a government responsible to any people, it is your big mistake’ is heard saying by forest minister.

We have also tried to understand whether he has been discredited or that he himself has slipped into it by editing what the forest minister has not spoken. It is the subject of a program of the Community Forest Consumers Federation last Tuesday.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had already been out of the venue before the forest ministry has given the speech because of the workload. A video of Facebook live of duration 3:32:09 can still be found on the General Assembly’s Facebook page.

Minister Ale’s 22-minute speech begins in 2 hours and 38 minutes of the video. In 2 hours 51 minutes and 47 seconds of the video, he started slipping away saying, “The tree from which we get carbon dioxide….”

On the same day’s program, he slipped badly in another place. In 2 hours, 39 minutes, and 58 seconds of the video, Minister Ale has failed miserably for the second time by saying ‘this is the government of the people…..’

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