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Widow marriage in Nepal, will Nepalese accept ?

widow marriage in Nepal

Widow marriage in Nepal. Unlike in western society, they even easily accept the children when they are marrying a widow or divorced woman. Nepalese society doesn’t accept this widow marriage and calls this practice taboo. Still, Nepal is primitive in this case. It is not good that marrying someone who is together in a relationship. But if they are not comfortable together, marrying someone when they get divorced and who is a widow is a good practice. Men in Nepal get married when they lost their wives. They even marry at an older age as well and still desire to have a woman who has no children. But women do not get married when their husband dies. They called this bad practice and called taboo. Humans need partners to spend time at their old age. So if a man can marry why not women?

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This article is about the transition in adoption. If there is equality between men and women then they both can involve in a second marriage.

In Nepal, mostly in the Terai region child marriage is common. In Nepal, 41% of women are married before when they turned 18. So there are high child widow cases in this region. They are forced to marry someone with aged people who are more than 30 years old.

SAPTARI – At the young age of 11, Purni Shah living in Rajbiraj of saptari was forced by her family to marry a 25-year-old man. After they had been married for four years, her husband died, leaving her with a young widow.

Her fate is common in Nepal, which has one of the highest rates of child marriage, according to Nepal’s Demographic Health Survey. More than 41 percent of girls marry before the age of 18, and 7 percent marry before the age of 15, the study said.

But for those who become widows, this is likely to be difficult: They are often viewed with disdain and suspicion, even blaming the death of their husbands.

“Widow girl has cursed life. There is so much pain and suffering,” Purni, 30, told people in the town of Rajbiraj in Saptari District, 400km southeast of Kathmandu in the Terai region, where child marriage is very common. Pruni said she doesn’t want to live like this anymore.

Fifteen years after the death of her husband, people called her ‘Bekalya’ (child widow) and she was denied even basic rights.

Child widows suffer more than any other widow, who often feel marginalized, according to rights activists.

In Saptari Region alone, there are an estimated 5000 such women or girls. However, there is awareness of the issue these days. Child widow should not be practised and let the child do what they want. Widow marriage also should be accept as normal in Nepal. Let’s remove this as taboo and make common practise in Nepal. We should encourage and raise voice to practise widow marriage in Nepal. Every women deserve to live a happy life with their family and have partner for their old age.

Various NGOs such as Women For Human Rights-Single Women Group (WHR) – are currently working on this issue. Now Nepal has listed in the top 3 countries to have child marriage in South Asia. Nepalese altogether can eliminate this position. Spread awareness letting people know child practice is bad and should marry only at age of 20. Also, Widow marriage should be practise as common.

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