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PUBG: How popular is it in Nepal?

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is online multiplayer game developed and published by PUBG Corporation which is a subsidiary of South Korean video game company (Bluehole). It was first released only for Microsoft windows in march 2017 as a beta program. It was also released by the Microsoft studios for Xbox One within the same month. Later on, in the month September 2018 it was officially released.

Same game released for mobile versions (android and iOS) with name PUBG mobile in 2018. Now PUBG has been the best selling, most played and high grossing video games of all time. The game has sold more than 70 million copies for personal computers and game consoles already in 2020.

The mobile version has also crossed over 735 million downloads and made the grossing over $4.3 billion as of December 2020. This game is also played in PC using the emulator as well.

This game has also received the positive reviews from critics. To play the game the players had to know the gaming skills. Now most of the people in the world plays PUBG and has made their source of Income as well. While some players play game full day which has made them lazy and created players aggressive in some ways. Some says this has a violent content and has negative impact on children. Some countries like India even banned the game because the citizen of their country engaged mostly in game rather than study and household work has created negative impact on them.

In this game there are 100 players in the Airplane and they jump over the island. They scavenge the weapons and equip to kill the others players. Only the top first get the chicken dinner as a winning award. This game can be played as single, duo, and a group of four.

In Nepal also this game is the most popular game among teenagers. The game has immensely grown in Nepal and the massive user has joined. Now there might not be any teens who don’t know what PUBG is. Even the small kids play PUBG now. Games were not familiar with girls in Nepal but the situation has been changed when this game came. Now, most of the girls play PUBG and have even more skills than boys. The mentality of thinking the game is not for girls in Nepal has been changed by this game. In Nepal, there are lots of streamers who are famous nowadays. People from Nepal have even gone to different PUBG tournaments and reach to finals. They are now recognized by the world. Since there is a competition of two apps in Nepal PUBG and TikTok. There is now a kind of discrimination between the TikTok users and PUBG players because a famous Indian streamer called CarryMinati roasted the TikTok users. Due to this, there is a hatred between the TikTok users and PUBG gamers. There are some gamers who have been famous due to this game. Some of the famous PUBG players and streamers in Nepal are:

  • 4k Gaming Nepal
  • Mr. junior
  • Nero
  • Monster AKA Milon
  • SLVR
  • Mr. Hyozu and more…

There are more best players in Nepal than these streamers who play better games than them. The teammate of every squad has some best players and some are weak in skills to play games. People who are weak in the study have the highest capability of playing skills and get the chicken dinner. This shows that interest is the factor affecting the mind to capture things.