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People don’t believe me that I am the CDO: says Gulmi’s Prajia Sharma


It has been more than two months since Rudrawati Devi Sharma took over as the first woman Chief District Officer (CDO) of Gulmi. Before coming to Gulmi, Sharma had run the district as CDO in Ramechhap.
Born into a simple family in Baglung Balewa (now Baglung Municipality), she entered the civil service in 2066 BS as an officer. In 9 years (in 2075), she came to the post of joint secretary through open competition.
Workplace, position, behavior, language, style, opportunity need to be gender friendly. It is important to broaden the perception of women. CDO Rudravati says that any responsibility should be evaluated on the basis of leadership and work efficiency and not on the basis of gender.
“Our deeds and the fruits of our deeds are the results of our thinking,” says CDO Rudravati. She still sees less presence of women at the policy level. Looking at the participation of women in the fields of education, health, and employment, Sharma sees an increasing number of women who are able to fulfill their responsibilities with empowerment and competence even if no one gives reservation.
“Even women who have reached the leadership level by their own abilities are looked down upon,” Rudrawati Devi Sharma says. Say, there is an atmosphere of disbelief even more than the CDO. Although women’s participation at the political and administrative levels is increasing, not everyone seems to be able to accept it easily. ‘
“The position should not be reserved for women in any position. Even if it is through struggle and gathering courage, women are under pressure to prove it. Otherwise, the general public thinks that women cannot work, ” she added.
Rudrawati Devi Sharma is of the view that women can do a lot not only by providing reservations to women but also by providing easy access to the policy level.
Discrimination in society due to being a woman has not been completely eradicated yet. Gradual improvement has come.

“Instead of blaming the situation, the woman goes on to plan how to get used to it, what course to take and what purpose to think and act, has no doubt about reaching success,” says Rudrawati Devi Sharma.

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