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Kabaddi 4 ~ After one success, a new film is coming to the market for another success

This is the fourth film in the Kabaddi franchise.

Kabaddi 4 ~ Nepalese lifestyle

Kabaddi 4 is a Nepali romantic comedy film directed by Ram Babu Gurung. In the film, Kazi tries to live with the memory of Maya for the rest of his life but she loves another boy. The film received a generally positive response from critics, and today a picture of the new promo of Kabaddi 4 has been leaked by the popular Actor Daya Hyung Rai.

A new Kabaddi 4 is being prepared in the market now. The film is directed by Basuri Films. Today, Daya Hyang Rai, the king of the Nepali film industry, has just uploaded the banner photo of the film. No artist’s picture has been added to the banner. The film is being released in 2078. Is it possible for Daya Hyang Rai to find his girlfriend “Maiya” in Kabaddi 4? All three Kabaddi of the past had left Daya Hyung Rai alone from “Maiya”.

This is the fourth film in the Kabaddi franchise. Divakar Pyakurel of online news praised the performance of the main cast and wrote: “Not only the popular Daya Hyang Rai but also the emerging Thakuri and Baral have performed impressively in this project.” Sunny Mahat of Annapurna Express said, “The film also gives a great lesson to all-out entertainers and Nepali filmmakers – you don’t have to ban foreign films for Nepali films to be successful. Just make good movies.”

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Rupman Risal has written for the movie saying, “Audiences will have a good time in the theater.”
Kabaddi 3 has earned 1.7 million Nepali rupees on the first day of the screening, which is the highest-grossing film in Nepal. 4.3 million NPR was deposited in three days. The film has grossed Rs 110 million each.

Will Kabaddi 4 become a super hit film like Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi?

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