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Find out your health from the color of the tongue

Be the first doctor at home and take the patient to the hospital.

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The main function of the tongue is to taste our food. But, the tongue is also talking about human health. If the tongue is not healthy, it can affect health. The tongue indicates many health problems. If we go to the doctor, they will look at our tongue and find out if we are healthy. Health status can be determined based on the color of the tongue and the skin. This is also the reason why the doctor first looks at the tongue when examining the patient. Doctors are estimating a disease based on the tongue.

Healthy Tongue – A healthy tongue is light pink, soft and has no blemishes.

White tongue – Dark white color on the tongue is a sign of indigestion, acidity and weakness.

Yellowing – Yellowing of the tongue is a sign of cold, viral infection. It is also a sign of intestinal problems and indigestion.

Redness of the front of the tongue – a sign of weakness and mental problems.

Redness on both sides of the tongue – this is a sign of a stomach problem.

White spots on the tongue – This is a sign of various infections in the body. It is also a sign of sweating.

Bright red tongue – Having a red tongue is a sign of fever, a blood infection. There may be an internal wound or infection.

Pale yellow – a sign of anemia, polio, weakness, bloating, insomnia and fatigue.

Purple-blue tongue – Vitamin B-2 deficiency, pain or swelling in the body, abdominal pain in women during menstruation, etc. Medication can also have an effect.

If you see any such problem, go to the nearest health post and seek advice.

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