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15 unique things only found in Nepal


Nepal is a unique country of diversity in all aspects. It has beautiful scenery, a beautiful and fascinating culture, many ethnic and religious groups, wonderful trails, and hospitable people. One can see the difference in culture, landscape, and language in the shortest possible time in this country. But there are some things one can only see or feel in Nepal. Therefore, let us know about the unique features found only in Nepal.

A country with a triangular flag:
The first thing you will see about Nepal is the most unique flag in the world. Unlike all other national flags, it is not built on a square. The Nepal flag is triangular in conjunction with two Sun and Moon has drawn on each figure. The body of the flag is crimson with a blue border and the sun and moon are white.

Be blessed by a living goddess:
The people of Newari in Kathmandu Valley (and other parts of Nepal) believe that the goddess Taleju was associated with a pre-published girl named Kumari, or the living goddess. Each of the former kingdoms of the Kathmandu District has Kumari, where Kathmandu and Patan are the most celebrated and influential kingdoms. The Kumaris are chosen from certain priestly families, depending on the long list of signs and symptoms. Three-year-old girls are selected to be Kumari and their term ends when they get their first period, about 12-14 years. While the kumaris are usually kept inside their special homes, receiving and blessing guests, they step out of their special palanquins during certain festivals, such as the Rato Machhendranath Festival in Patan.

Mount Everest (Highest Peak of the World):
Nepal is home to the world’s highest peak in Mount Everest also known as Sagarmatha. This is a unique country with an initial height from the ground up to 70m and to the highest peak 8848 meters. Mount Everest alone is enough to make the world different from the rest of the world. Every year more than a million tourists come to Nepal and most of them visit Everest Base Camp to enjoy the amazing and spectacular view of the World’s highest point.

Variation in Altitude:
Nepal’s range from the ground to 70 meters to 8848 meters. Nepal’s lowest point is 70 meters high from the sea in the Jhapa region of Eastern Nepal and rises to a height of 8848 meters which is Mount Everest. Nepal has some of the worst places in the world such as the highest valley in the world (Arun valley), the deepest valleys (1200 meters) in Kaligandaki, the world’s highest lake (Tilicho 4800 meters), and the world’s longest grassland in Chitwan. The amazing variation in altitude at a very short distance is also unique in Nepal.

Lukla, Most Dangerous Airports in the World:
The world’s most dangerous airport, Lukla Airport in Nepal serves as an entry point for Mt. Everest. What makes this airport so difficult and dangerous to sit on is how it is built between the mountains and the short length of this road is truly exciting and amazing. The whole signal is very small in size. The airport has a single runway coming and going. It is one of the world’s largest airports with extreme weather. Climate change is unpredictable and the plane is often canceled due to bad weather in the region.

Look at the real ‘skull’ of the Yeti:
In the town of Khumjung in the Khumbu district, there is a beautiful Tibetan Buddhist temple with an unusual toy. If you have ever wondered if a Yeti is real, then here is your ‘proof’: a Yeti skull enclosed in a glass cabinet. Khumjung is on its way to Everest Base Camp, so turn aside to see for yourself.

Search for caterpillar fungus (Yarsagumba):
Yarsagumba is the most unique remedy. Also called caterpillar fungus, it is found in the remote western region of the Himalayas in Nepal. Also, it is called Biological gold because of its benefits and price.
It is a hybrid fungus that is formed when infected mushroom seeds infect and digest the earthworm larvae. The mold later produces shoots in a dead caterpillar’s head. Sounds weird but true.

Spiny Babbler (Kande Bhyakur):
The Spiny Babbler is a unique bird found only in Nepal. The bird comes from the family “Passerine Birds” a species of bird in the family Taliidae. The scientific name is “Turdoides nipalensis” and the place is called Kande Bhyakur in Nepali. It is one of the rare bird species found only in Nepal in the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve of Eastern Nepal. The most amazing truth about “Kande Bhyakur; Spiny Babbler “was believed to have been around for hundreds of years, but in time it came to the attention of everyone when” Sidney Dillon Ripley “, an American ornithologist, learned of its existence. Therefore, it makes our list of unique items available only in Nepal. The exact number of this bird is unknown. They have a distance limit but it is said that their population is stable to a reasonable degree.

Eight of the top ten peaks are in Nepal:
Nepal is home to the top eight peaks in the world among the top ten peaks. The country consists of beautiful and amazing mountains which is why it is called the Himalayan land. The top eight peaks in the world in Nepal are Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Choyou, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Annapurna Mt. Manaslu, and Mt. Dhaulagiri. Every year more than 100,000 hikers come to Nepal to climb the mountains.

Nepali Calendar:
One of the unique and amazing things about Nepal is its official calendar. Unlike other countries, Nepal does not follow the Georgian calendar as its official calendar. The governments of Nepal and Nepal follow the Bikram Sambhat calendar which is unique and specific to Nepal.
Nepalese New Year according to the Bikram Sambhat calendar falls in mid-April every year. Nepali calendar Bikram Sambhat is almost 67 years and 8.5 months before the Gregorian calendar.

Hallucinogenic honey hunting:
Honey derived from bees that eat rhododendron pollen can have a strong hallucinogenic effect. This is not just a variety of garden honey; collecting crazy honey is usually a risky business, as the chest is attached to the top of the cliffs. Along with consumption due to drug-like effects, hallucinogenic honey is also collected in Nepal as a treatment for high blood pressure and as an alternative to Viagra.

Saturday is a public holiday:
Nepalis have their public holidays on Saturdays unlike the rest of the world where a public holiday is on a Sunday (Except for Muslim countries that have a Friday). Sunday is considered as the first day of the week in Country Nepal. It is one of the most unique features available only in Nepal One that can witness all government and private offices, schools, colleges, and industries closed on Saturday. And it is something that sets Nepal apart from the rest of the world.

Go to an ancient music concert at the ancient temple:
In a small temple behind and up the hill from the main building of the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, every evening on a full moon, guests are welcome to gather and listen to beautiful classical music in the open-air courtyard. Come early (about 5 p.m.) to find an unobstructed view of the stage by a large banyan tree in the center of the courtyard. Classical music playing doesn’t come much better than this.

Gather a group of friends and lift a rock in Baraha Chhetri:
The Baraha Chhetri is a Hindu pilgrimage and temple in southeastern Nepal, on the banks of the Sapta Kosi River. Along with the construction of the temple and the beautiful view of the river, you will find another highlight here: its magnificent rock. A large and heavy rock is placed on display, at the bottom of the cage. Visitors are encouraged to try to lift the rock, which is not likely to happen alone. However, if a group of five or more individuals put one finger under a rock and lifts it together, the rock rises easily, as if it were a piece of paper. Magic!

Await the end of the world in Upper Dolpo:
Finally, the mysterious, remote region of Upper Dolpo in western Nepal is said to be the center of Tibetan Buddhism, a refuge that will be found as the world nears its destruction, too corrupt to make ghosts. It is said to be like a paradise and can only be reached with extreme difficulty. It is true that the Upper Dolpo is very remote, hard to reach (on foot only), and very remote in all of Nepal, not to mention the international arena. A good place to go back and wait for the whole world just to explode, maybe.

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