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Samsung Mobile Price In Nepal

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Samsung Mobile Price In Nepal @2021. Smartphones have been the most sold product in Nepal. Samsung brand has been more successful to sell their product. Since there are both online and offline stores in Nepal. Most Nepalese don’t prefer buying online because generally, all people have a concept of buying from offline stores. They prefer buying smartphones from offline stores which are around 90%. Only 10% prefer buying from an online store. These are the latest Samsung Mobile prices in Nepal Officially In 2021. Check out the list and grab one within your budget.

ModelBest Buying Price
Galaxy M01 Core (1+16GB)Rs.8,399
Galaxy M01 Core (2+32GB)Rs.9,999
Galaxy A01 (2+16GB)Rs.13,499
Galaxy M01 (3+32GB)Rs.13,599
Galaxy A10s (2+32GB)Rs.14,999
Galaxy M02s (3+32GB)Rs.14,999 (New)
Galaxy M02s (4+64GB)Rs.15,999 (New)
Galaxy M01s (3+32GB)Rs.14,999  
Galaxy M11 (3+32GB)Rs.17,899
Galaxy A21s (4+64GB)Rs.22,499
Galaxy M21 (4+64GB)Rs.21,999  
Galaxy M21 (6+128GB) Rs.25,999  
Galaxy M31 (6+128GB)Rs.29,999  
Galaxy M31 (8+128GB)Rs.34,999  
Galaxy M51 (6+128GB)Rs.39,999 (New)
Galaxy M51 (8+128GB)Rs.43,999 (New)
Galaxy A51 (8+128GB)Rs.39,999  
Galaxy A71 (8+128GB)Rs.49,999  
Galaxy S20 FE (8+128GB)Rs.69,999 (New)
Galaxy S20 FE (8+256GB)Rs.74,999 (New)
Galaxy S10 (128GB)Rs.74,999
Galaxy S10 Plus (128GB)Rs.89,999
Galaxy S10 Plus (512GB)Rs.99,999
Galaxy Note 10 Lite (8+128GB)Rs.58,999
Galaxy Note 10 (256GB)Rs.111,399
Galaxy Note 10+ (256GB)Rs.129,599
Galaxy S20 (128GB)Rs.1,13,999  
Galaxy S20+ (128GB)Rs.1,26,999 
Galaxy S20 Ultra (128GB)Rs.1,59,999 
Galaxy Note 20 (256GB)Rs.1,09,999 (New)
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (128GB)Rs.1,39,999 (New)
Galaxy S21 (256GB)Rs.1,09,999 (New)
Galaxy S21+ (256GB)Rs.1,29,999 (New)
Galaxy S21 Ultra (256GB)Rs.1,54,999 (New)
Galaxy Z Fold 2 (256GB)Rs.2,49,999 (New)

Samsung Mobile Price In Nepal (2021)

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