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latest iPhones Price in Nepal


Apple mobile phones are very stylish and come in different variant colors. Apple has its own reputation and brand so it charges a premium for its high-end products. In apple high the storage, high the price. Despite its high rates, people in Nepal are buying this premium product because of its quality, reliability, and trust. These are the new latest iPhones launched in Nepal with the price officially in 2021.

Apple ModelsMaximum Retail Price (MRP)
iPhone SE 2 (64GB)Rs.70,000  
iPhone SE 2 (128GB)Rs.79,500  
iPhone SE 2 (256GB)Rs.96,000  
iPhone XR (64GB)Rs.80,000
iPhone XR (128GB)Rs.90,000
iPhone XR (256GB)Rs.112,000
iPhone 11 (64GB)Rs.99,000
iPhone 11 (128GB)Rs.107,000
iPhone 11 (256GB)Rs.124,000
iPhone 12 Mini (64GB)Rs.118,000 (New) 
iPhone 12 Mini (128GB)Rs.126,000 (New) 
iPhone 12 Mini (256GB)Rs.142,000 (New) 
iPhone 12 (64GB)Rs.134,000 (New)
iPhone 12 (128GB)Rs.142,000 (New)
iPhone 12 (256GB)Rs.158,000 (New)
iPhone 12 Pro (128GB)Rs.175,000 (New)
iPhone 12 Pro (256GB)Rs.193,000 (New)
iPhone 12 Pro (512GB)Rs.227,000 (New) 
iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB)Rs.186,000 (New) 
iPhone 12 Pro Max (256GB)Rs.203,000 (New) 
iPhone 12 Pro Max (512GB)Rs.236,000 (New) 

iPhone Price in Nepal (2021)

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