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Hi, my name is Suraj and I am a part-time blogger. I’m also a student of Information Technology(IT) doing Bachelor of Computer Application(BCA). Back in 2018, I wonder how Information gets visible on the Internet. Then I read an article about blogging and got to know everything. Then Back in 2019, I researched and got to know everything about how it works. I understand the process of buying a domain, creating, and hosting a website. Then I perform SEO to my website to rank on google and to get it visible on the search console. I started making blogs and uploaded them on the website.

Since I am a student of IT I prefer uploading blogs about technology and innovations. But I am not limited to uploading the technology and innovations blogs only. I love my country Nepal. So, to explore everything about Nepal I created this website. I am planning to upload blogs about lifestyle, lively stock, innovations, the beauty, Travel, and more of Nepal, and more. There are many new events gets happen every day. I analyze them and try to upload those events on my website. I want to aware people about the bad culture and rituals performed in Nepal.

Now this blogging has made my leisure time very useful. I create content whenever I am free . I wish to always create content and upload on website everyday. This work has been my hobby and now I am planning to make my hobby to profession.